Congratulations to our newly elected members!
Congratulations to our newly elected members!

Following recent elections at the ROI AGM we have the great pleasure to announce the following new full members of the ROI:

  • Ruth Fitton ROI
  • Sarah Manolescue ROI
  • Greg Mason ROI
  • Maria Rose ROI

We are also delighted that we have four newly elected Associate members.

  • Nia MacKeown AROI
  • Lucy Marks AROI
  • Lotta Teale AROI

Well done to all!

Ruth Fitton ROI

I’m a portrait and figurative painter, originally from Yorkshire and now based in London. I’ve been painting full-time for ten years, pursuing likeness and character, exploring the world of composition, and enjoying all the mystical, dramatic and mischievous things that oil paint can do.

I’m a self-taught artist, so being inducted into this family of exceptional painters is very special to me. I look forward to many years of painting and exhibiting with the members of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, and to bringing what I can to this exciting and welcoming society’

Sarah Manolescue ROI

Sarah Manolescue is an observational artist with an unrelenting fascination for light and its effects.
Working in oil and predominantly plein air, Sarah prefers to work on small boards and in one session, so to preserve a freshness and immediacy in her work. Rarely does she have a subject or composition in mind, instead she waits for inspiration to strike, first placing large planes of colour, before working into the wet paint to add more information where she deems necessary.
Sarah’s intention is to say just enough; her skilled drawing captures the essence of the scene she chooses to explore. Her eye for detail and the movement of light leaves a powerful, lasting impression of place and time.
‘The route to membership has not been an easy one, I got my fair share of ‘thanks but no thanks’ when I first started applying, but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. It’s a journey of growth and development and the members are there to help and guide you along the way. From the first private view I went to, I knew the ROI was the society for me, everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. To have my work recognised by peers is like the biggest thumbs up; and it’s for life – wow! I’m thrilled to be an elected member and I’m so immensely proud to be part of the ROI family.’

Greg Mason ROI

Greg studied illustration at St Martins School of Art and worked as an editorial illustrator in London in the 1980s before swapping this for a career in the fashion industry – travelling the world as an art director and working with some of the worlds top beauty brands. In 2006 his path changed again as he followed his passion for painting.

Today, Greg is the Professional Oil Painting Ambassador for Cass Art, with appearances on Sky Arts Portrait and Landscape Artist of the Year TV shows – where he was a finalist. He is an author and coach, contributing to various artists magazines, and hosts creative retreat workshops in Mallorca where he has a studio.

Greg’s work seeks to capture a sense of energy or a nuance of relationship between light, colour and texture, creating atmospheric works that are visually and technically striking whilst holding a deeper narrative. His work is held in collections around the world and exhibited in galleries in the UK and Spain.

‘It really is an honour to be elected to the ROI and a privilege to be counted amongst such great company. When I started painting 15 years ago it would have been impossible for me to imagine that I would one day be part of such a prestigious institution, dedicated to the celebration and progression of this magical medium of oil. This news has been the absolute highlight of my year and I’m so grateful to the members for their support – it means so much.’

Maria Rose ROI

‘I’m a Devon based oil painter, painting mostly outside, from life, working in nature, attempting to capture the essence of a place or moment in time. I try and capture the quiet beauty of the landscape and celebrate the subtle shifts in light through our unique and ever-changing seasons.

To be made a member of the ROI is a life changing moment for me, I am humbled to be included in the ranks of painters who I have admired and learnt from as an emerging artist. I am looking forward to working with the society in all aspects of their important work to celebrate this glorious medium.’

Nia MacKeown AROI

Nia is a professional painter from Pembrokeshire now residing in Cardiff. Her art is deeply rooted in the landscape of wales and frequently encompasses still life and interiors. Her artistic journey was non-linear, starting with art college, a detour into midwifery before ultimately a full commitment to painting. She paints in oils, beginning with small studies painted from life, she aims to capture the essence of her subject with spontaneity and freshness. These smaller works often serve as a foundation for her studio work.

Her work has been recognised in prestigious exhibitions, including the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, New English Art Club, Royal West Academy of Arts and the Wales Contemporary.

‘Being elected as an associate member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters is such a huge honour for me. I have always admired the artists of the ROI and I am truly humbled to have been elected’

Lucy Marks AROI

Lucy Marks is an observational landscape painter, working en plein air working directly from the subject, outside in all weathers and seasons. Observation is key and her compositions are drawn from real places. Lucy works to capture an impression of the mood, atmosphere, and light. In the studio, she uses her en plein air works and field sketches to scale up her paintings to much larger work.

Lucy holds an MA in Fine Art from Brighton University. Other Society memberships include Associate of the Royal Watercolour Society, Member of the Chelsea Art Society, and Member of the Society of Women Artists. Lucy has shown and sold large oil paintings at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in both 2022 and 2023 and her work also been recognised through a number of awards and prizes.

It has been a long-time dream of mine to become a member of this prestigious Society. I first had a piece of work accepted into the ROI Annual Show in 2008 and after having attended the Private View and meeting the amazing members I set myself the big goal of becoming a member.

The @royalinstituteofoilpainters are my oil painting heroes! They are the best of the best in oil painting today. I feel so grateful and honoured to be part of the ROI family, whose members are so supportive, encouraging and inspirational. To be part of the Society and to be recognised for my painting in oil is a dream come true. It’s like Christmas before Christmas and winning the Golden Ticket all at once!.

Lotta Teale AROI

Lotta is inspired by early 20th Century painters, with a focus on still life, interiors, gardens and architecture. Lotta worked as a lawyer in international development for many years and took up painting professionally in 2018. Primarily self-trained, she has done courses at the Slade, Beaux Arts Paris and Charles Cecil in Florence. In 2021 Lotta won first prize in the British Arts Prize (Artist and Illustrators), and her paintings can be found in a range of galleries, including Panter and Hall, the Jerram Gallery, Beaux Arts Bath and Collins Galleries (Massachusetts), and she frequently exhibits at Mall Galleries. She currently lives between Jerusalem, Tuscany and London.

‘I could not be more thrilled or honoured to be elected as associate ROI. I have been working towards this for so long, it is a huge mark of achievement in my career as an artist, and I cannot thank the members enough. I look forward to exhibiting with fellow members, and it gives me such encouragement to double down and improve further.’