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Becoming a member of the ROI

Photo of ROI Members at selection day

What do I need to achieve to be considered for membership?

Eligible artists who meet the required criteria should register interest for candidacy. Eligible artists will have four consecutive years of exhibition history in the ROI Annual Exhibition, up to and including the current year (click here to find out more about the ROI’s Open Call). A year’s grace maybe granted by Council in extenuating circumstances that render an artist unable to submit (i.e. a major life event). All exhibition history will be verified with the Head of FBA Exhibitions. A maximum of 10 candidates will be put forward for election in any given year. If there are more eligible artists than there are candidate spaces, the selection committee will vote to determine which applicants will be granted candidacy.

When should I register interest?

To register interest, contact the membership secretary Sarah Manolescue ROI. An artist should register interest (via email) after the last annual exhibition but before the submission deadline in the current year (check the Annual Exhibitions page because it varies from year to year). Any requests submitted beyond this date will be recorded but not considered. For example, if an artist had work selected in 2021, 2022 and 2023 and they intend to submit work via the open call in 2024, they should contact the membership secretary after the 2023 annual exhibition but before the submission deadline for the 2024 exhibition. If they submit work and it is selected, they will automatically be considered for candidacy.

What happens next?

Successful candidates will be notified after selection is complete. They will be asked by the membership secretary to submit additional documents (i.e. CV, artist statement) and images to support their application – details of which will be requested via email. Candidates’ paintings will be labelled as such during the annual exhibition so members can become familiar with their work.

The annual elections

Each year, the membership will vote to elect associate members (AROI) and full members (ROI), and the results will be announced in the general meeting.

Candidate to associate (AROI)

A candidate must gain 51% or more of the vote to achieve associate status. Each year the selection committee will decide the maximum number of associate places available for that year and the candidates with the most votes will be elected AROI providing they have also gained 51% or more of the votes.  Each candidate has a maximum of five years on the candidate list and will be included in the electoral vote each year if they have work  selected for exhibition. If in that time candidates are not elected as an associate, they are removed from the candidate list and must wait a year before restarting the application process.

Associate (AROI) to full member (ROI)

An associate remains as such for five years, unless elected a full member (ROI). They must also gain 51% or more of the vote. If during that period an associate is not elected ROI, they will return to non-member status and must wait a year before restarting the application process. Full ROI status is for life thereafter subject to the conditions outlined in the rule book. Please note there is an annual membership fee for both associate and full members.

Is there anything else I can do?

We strongly encourage you to make yourself known to ROI members (a face put to a name is a benefit to us). You can build contact with us by entering our events and by joining the Friends of the ROI. We try to be  accessible, and many members are happy to offer advice to those wishing to join us. The private view of the annual exhibition is an excellent opportunity to meet the membership and see the calibre of the work produced and selected for the exhibition. Entry is free for any submitting artist, selected or not. An invitation will be sent out by Mall Galleries.

We wish you luck and look forward to seeing your work!