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Becoming a member of the ROI

Photo of ROI Members at selection day

We actively look out for and encourage new artists to put themselves forward for election to membership of the ROI.

Artists who are interested in becoming a member of the ROI will have shown in the annual open exhibition for at least three consecutive years up to and including the current year. Membership of the ROI is achieved by election by the current membership from candidates put forward after the ROI annual exhibition at the ROI annual general meeting.

The selection committee highlight work presented by artists they believe show promise as potential members of the ROI. A candidate receiving support from at least 50% of those voting in the membership election will become (for a maximum of 5 years) an Associate of the ROI and will be entitled to use the letters AROI after their name.

At each subsequent exhibition they will be candidates for election to full membership but will return to non member status if they are not elected within the 5 year period. Full ROI status is for life thereafter subject to the conditions outlined in the rule book. Please note there is an annual membership fee for both associate and full members.


What to do

  • Submit work to the ROI annual exhibition
  • Exhibit in a minimum of 3 consecutive ROI annual exhibitions up to and including the current year
  • Endeavour to make contact with ROI members (a face put to a name is a benefit to us)
  • You can build contact with us by entering our events and also by joining the friends of the ROI. We try to be accessible and many members are happy to offer advice to those wishing to join us.
  • Let our Membership Secretary (Sarah Manolescue ROI) know you would like to be considered.

We compile a list of successful exhibitors for reference during the election process.

We wish you luck and look forward to seeing your work!