Exhibition – Haidee-Jo Summers AROI
Exhibition – Haidee-Jo Summers AROI

Haidee-Jo Summers AROI has an exhibition of paintings at The Russell Gallery, Putney.

[ecko_quote source=”Haidee-Jo Summers AROI, 2016″]I would be delighted to see you to celebrate the opening of my new exhibition at The Russell Gallery on Thursday 3rd March between 6.00pm and 8.30pm. I do hope you can visit the exhibition which continues throughout March until 2nd April and also shows works by Paul Curtis NEAC[/ecko_quote]

Paintings can be viewed online at www.russell-gallery.com

RSVP/Enquiries www.haideejo.com

Telephone: 0208 780 5228
Gallery email: russgallery@aol.com

12 Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London SW15 1JP