Rosemary Carr ROI

Rosemary Carr ROI

Rosemary Carr paints the landscape around her in Connemara using oil with a palette knife. She always paints outside, and only finishes her work in her studio. She tries to catch ‘the moment’.

Method of Working

Rosemary works from life, in oils, on canvas or wood panel. She only uses a brush to plan out the painting to start with. She finishes a work (about 89%) in one sitting, outside, and only finishes it from photographs in her studio when it’s dry. She plans out the piece in tones, then drives straight in with oils.

Biographical Details

  • 1932 Born on 14 December, Worcestershire
  • 1940-44 Studied for National Diploma in Design (specialising in Textiles) at Birmingham Art School
  • 1989 Elected a Member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters
  • 1991 Moved to live and paint in Connemara, West Ireland

Society Memberships

Royal Institute of Oil Painters

Other exhibitions

1999/2002/05/08 Kennys, Galway

Examples of work