ROI 2019 Prize Winners
ROI 2019 Prize Winners
The ROI 2019 annual show opened to a packed private view on Tuesday 26th November. Many congratulations to the all the prize winners at this year’s outstanding annual ROI exhibition.

ROI 2019 prizewinners

The Artist Magazine Award – John Walsom ROI ARSMA wins The Artist Magazine award for his work ‘Waterloo, The Grafitti Tunnel’.

‘Waterloo, The Graffiti Tunnel’ by John Walsom ROI ARSMA

The Le Clerc Fowle Medal  – Luis Morris ROI for his works in the exhibition and in memory of Anne Le Clerc Fowle. The work shown below is titled ‘Ada’.

‘Ada’ by Luis Morris ROI

L Cornelissen & Son Prize – Sue Spaull wins the L.Cornelissen & Son Prize for the painting ‘The Napsack’.

‘The Napsack’ by Sue Spaull

Dry Red Press Award – Haidee-Jo Summers ROI RSMA wins the Dry Red Press Award for her work ‘Sunflowers in the Studio‘.

‘Sunflowers in the Studio’ by Haidee-Jo Summers ROI RSMA

The Alan Gourley Memorial Award – Linda Alexander ROI wins The Alan Gourley Memorial Award with her painting ‘White Peonies in a Green Bowl’.

‘White Peonies in a Green Bowl’ by Linda Alexander ROI

Frank Herring Easel Award – David Pilgrim ROI has won the Frank Herring & Sons Award for his work ‘Old Harry and the blues’.

‘Old Harry and the blues’ by David Pilgrim ROI

The Menena Joy Schwabe Memorial Award – Andrew Farmer AROI has won The Menena Joy Schwabe Memorial Award for his painting ‘View over Doncaster’.

‘View over Doncaster’ by Andrew Farmer AROI

Winsor & Newton Non-Member Award – Jennifer Anderson has won the Winsor & Newton non-member award for her work ‘Drinking Her In’. The award is £150 worth of art materials for the most outstanding painting in the exhibition by a non-member.

‘Drinking Her In’ by Jennifer Anderson

Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award: 3rd Prize – Lewis Hazelwood Horner RBA has won 3rd Prize in the Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award for his work ‘Eel be Alright’.

‘Eel be Alright’ by Lewis Hazelwood Horner

Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award: 2nd Prize – Max Mansbridge-West has won 2nd Prize in the Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award for his work ‘Creature Comfort’.

‘Creature Comfort’ by Max Mansbridge-West

Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award: 1st Prize – Bernadett Timko has won 1st Prize in the Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award for her work ‘Lazy Boy (Study of Max II)’.

‘Lazy Boy (Study of Max II)’ by Bernadett Timko

The Phyllis Roberts Award – Robert Ware wins The Phyllis Roberts Award (£2000) for an artist 30 or under for his work ‘Dad’.

‘Dad’ by Robert Ware

The Small Painting Prize – John Dobbs NEAC SWLA wins this award, open to members and non-members, for the best small painting on display.

‘Lemon and Spoon’ by John Dobbs

The ROI Emerging Artist Prize – Ruth Fitton wins a £250 Prize and the opportunity to spend the day with one of the Institute’s members, for an artist aged 30 or under for her painting ‘Nymphs (Diptych)’.

‘Nymphs (Diptych)’ by Ruth Fitton

The Tony Merrick Memorial Prize – Amanda Coleman wins this award in memory of the late Tony Merrick ROI (1948-2018) for her painting ‘Milk Jug and Mantelpiece’.

‘Milk Jug and Mantelpiece’ by Amanda Coleman

The Art Academy Portrait Prize – Theo Taylor wins the opportunity for a student at The Art Academy to have their work included in the ROI Annual Exhibition. Theo is a stage 2 Contemporary Portraiture Student and wins the award for his work ‘Mother of Six’.

‘Mother of Six’ by Theo Taylor

The Dartington Crystal Chalice  – David Curtis ROI RSMA has won the Dartington Crystal Chalice for outstanding service and contribution to the ROI. Shown here is one of David’s paintings from the 2019 exhibition ‘Heading for home, Borough Market’.

‘Heading for Home, Borough Market’ by David Curtis

The Stanley Grimm Prize (I) 2018 – Liz Bailey  Liz Bailey ROI has won the Stanley Grimm first prize for her painting in last year’s show. The Stanley Grimm Prize (II) 2018 – Dorian Radu Dorian Radu has won the Stanley Grimm second prize for his painting in last year’s show