ROI prize winners – 2016
ROI prize winners – 2016

Many congratulations to the all the prize winners at this year’s outstanding annual ROI exhibtion. 

The Artist Magazine Award – Anna Redwood ROI, ‘What Now?’ (221)
L Cornelissen & Son Prize – Anna Redwood ROI What Now? (221)

The Le Clerc Fowle Medal  – Tony Merrick ROI Group of work (183 – 187)

Dry Red Press Award – Valeriy Gridnev ROI PS RP In the Studio (114)

The Alan Gourley Memorial Award – Tim Benson VPROI Bernie (37)

Bernie by Tim Benson VPROI

Frank Herring Easel Award Adam Ralston Hottest Day of the Year (215)

The Phyllis Roberts Award Rosalie Watkins California Still Life (294)

The Menena Joy Schwabe Memorial Award Bill Dean ROI Group of work (79 – 83)

Bill Dean - 'Albert Bridge'

Winsor & Newton Non-Member Award Dennis Spicer Three Lemons, Three Figs (And a Horse) (236)

Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award: 3rd Prize Tom Stevenson Beer, Devon (292)


Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award: 2nd Prize Rob Pointon The Red Door, Montmartre (286)

Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award: 1st Prize Alice Boggis-Rolfe Canoes on The Dordogne (271)


The Stanley Grimm Prize (I) Chris Bennett ROI voted most popular in last year’s show
The Stanley Grimm Prize (II) David Walker voted most popular in last year’s show 
The Dartington Crystal Chalice – June Mendoza ROI RP Hon SWA for outstanding service to the Institute