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Brian Ryder ROI – Thoughts on Painting

For all painters a difficult time for what we do. Although many of us, who paint plein air, are not sure whether we should go out or stay indoors, although the wet winter has also stopped most of those keen to paint on location. I in a way have been fortunate as my work nowadays, due to health restrictions, is done in my small studio. With Galleries being closed and online sales limited I have taken time out to consider my next move.

As my painting is based on past experience, feelings and trying to paint atmosphere within a chosen subject I had quite a free range by using my old sketch books and photos. This also gave me some scope to paint for me and not what I thought Galleries would like. I decided to try this year to revisit my old sketch books, pen and wash paintings and watercolours, along with some paintings when I tutored abroad many years ago now. This gave me quite a good insight on different ways of painting in oils and has now led me back to favourite subjects but now perhaps tackled in different ways.

I am continually wanting to progress..but many results not always for the better.
Although many recognise my work I tend to adapt my style depending on my feeling for the subject being tackled at the time. However, stuck to my studio wall are some Degas quotes….

“ A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness and some fantasy. When you always make your meaning perfectly plain you end up boring people “ …and

“Art is not we see but what you make others see”

I see these words every day and help me in what I try to do.

At the moment providing Galleries start opening again I have sent work to my Norfolk Gallery plus nine more to a Gallery in Cirencester with more being collected in April for a Gallery in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. Whatever happens this year I hope to be able to carry on painting and trying to paint that elusive masterpiece and always remembering another Degas quotation….

“ Painting is easy when you don’t know how… but very difficult when you do “

Limone. Lake Garda. Italy.


Pampas grass s. Pensthorpe. Norfolk.


North Norfolk marshes.