Extraordinary Portraits 2023 – Episode 5 – Adebanji Alade & The Edwards.
Extraordinary Portraits 2023 – Episode 5 – Adebanji Alade & The Edwards.
ROI President Adebanji Alade is delighted to be featured as the selected artist for Episode 5 of the BBC programme ‘Extraordinary Portraits’. Be sure to tune in on August 14th (8:30pm BBC1) and here are a few words from Adebanji about the programme.
I’m pleased to announce that I’m one of the six artists chosen to take part in this years Extraordinary Portraits, a series which started 2 years ago on the BBC.
This year we have Bill Bailey as the wonderful presenter, last year it was Tinie Tempah.
Every year the choice of who to paint is what people all look forward to, and there was no better choice than for us to be chosen to paint NHS workers, since this is the 75th year of the NHS.
I was paired up with the Edwards family, a wonderful family which has three generations working or who have worked with the NHS. These guys were really extraordinary, a lovely family with such a deep connection and lasting legacy.
The series started on the 17th of July at 8.30pm on BBC One. My episode will be aired on the 14th of August and will also be available to view on the BBC iPlayer after that date. Don’t miss it, each episode is a journey and it shows the process of each artist meeting the sitter or sitters and getting to know each other before the whole tedious and exciting process of producing a portrait starts. It’s gonna be a knockout for all art lovers!
Ain’t you pleased art is getting this kind of prominence prime time on BBC!!

Adebanji Alade PROI